E-Learning Content Management

Store share an access the video content easily with Edugyaan e-Learning Content management

With our Web Based learning management system, you can create, manage and share your updated content . We helps you effectively manage manage your online content without any worry and tech savvy.

In-built features such as web based lecture video editing, online testing, performance tracking, search and analytics make Edugyaan an ideal automated solution for large scale, university-wide lecture capture and publishing.

Manage Course Access
Provides permission on courses and module level in addition on hours or date or month wise.
Bundle Interactive courses
Upload the learning material on the cloud based content library and create the interactive courses in manner wise. Give a new structure to your courses by adding the sub topic in hierarchy and upload the content as required.
Role based access
teacher performance
Ensures a functional hierarchy and assign the roles of admin, coordinator, instructor and students which is helpful to maintain it.
Brand your courses
cost effective
Give a new look to your courses and provides branded learning experience to your learners with the engaging content
Assign courses to users
loggedin details
Add the bulk users by importing the file containing the information in it on your portal which avoids the addition of users separately
Course Analytics
performance measu
Check the daily analytics reports of the courses which helps to know number of courses created, duration of courses and so on

Edugyaan, a end to end automated solution. This means that the institute especially colleges or universities they do not need to have human intervention for recording or post processing these videos. Once scheduled at the beginning at the academic term for the next six months or the next one year it automatically captures the classes puts them in the right courses, applies the right permission to it and makes them available to the end students.

Advantage of Online content management system:

  •  Make Course Access Location-Independent.
  •  Build Efficient Educational Environments
  •  Customize Courses / Training Programs
  • Organizes eLearning content in one location
  • Reduces Learning and Development costs
  • Quickly and conveniently expands eLearning courses

Does Your Institute Really Need To Implement An eLearning Solution? 

  1. Do you already have courses prepared?
  2. Do you have someone in charge (instructors, teachers, etc.) of training at your company?
  3. Do you have learners in multiple locations?
  4. Do you handle hundreds of registrations per some learning event?

If you have at least 3 answers “Yes”, you are ready to integrate learning courses with our  solution.