Secure Video Streaming

Get a secure video streaming solution to deliver an engaging learning experience

Live Stream gives you a chance to grow the range of your institution past the physical limits. Students can view live sessions from home, on any device including desktops, tablets, iPads or smart phones.

Edugyaan allowed educational institutes to conduct live high quality video based classes over regular broadband connection to have dedicated equipment or satellite connectivity that is bringing down cost manifold.

Encypted Cloud Storage
Videos are stored in secure cloud storage where it is in encrypted format, reduce actual file size without loosing quality which the learners can access easily and enjoy learning at low bitrate also.
Server Side Recording
Perform live session on multiple bitrate and record instantly at the same time to keep recorded format of the sessions which helps to increase the revenue stream an share to students to watch later
Easy Administration
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Interface developed by us is quite user friendly which can be easily operate by a non techie instructor.Its responsive layout which is easily accessible by mobile, ease to access all time.
Analytics based on video
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Analytics helps to see the involvement of number of registered users, which video played maximum time, number of students watching the video right at that time and so on.
Dynamic WaterMarking/ Screen Capture
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Prevents the video from screen capture on windows to avoid the pirated videos and provide security of videos. Dynamic video watermarking with Ip address, username randomly moving prevents users from pirating video content
Encypted video Streaming
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Instant recording while performing live sessions without the need to introduce some other programming or program modules.

Get a secure end to end automated online video streaming solution to deliver an engaging learning experience

Increase revenue from your videos.Videos streamed through Edugyaan own customized player can’t be downloaded using any internet plugins or software, hence solves the problem of online video piracy.

The quality of video stream impacts the learner behavior. This means your video streaming solution must be best in class, providing high-quality, fast, uninterrupted and secure video content delivery.

Edugyaan provides seamless viewer experience by streaming videos in a way that adapts to different internet bandwidths. You have control over your audio-visual content assets with different layout options.


The highlights of Edugyaan video streaming solution at a glance:


  • Encrypted Streaming
  • Dynamic Watermark
  • Multi-bitrate streaming
  • Encrypted online video streaming
  • Video content analytics
  • Virtual classroom
  • Buffer retention
  • Content library