Virtual Classroom

Convey live classes, gatherings, online courses, and meetings to understudies anyplace, whenever!

With the vision to make quality education accessible to masses at affordable prices, Edugyaan is revolutionizing the way distance/online education is delivered.

High Defination Video/Audio
Ultra HD video helps to ensure completely clear video without losing information and getting clarity in video quality.
Hand raise feature
Just like physical classroom experience raise hand option is used to highlight to stand out enough to be noticed to educators.
Secured video streaming
teacher performance
Video streamed cannot be downloaded using any external internet plugins or software which is helpful to avoid piracy
Chat Box
cost effective
Gathering talk box accessible to faculties and in students for constant collaboration
Multiple device support
loggedin details
Play the videos on any device or gadgets with same audio and video quality anywhere anytime with advance option like speed, multibitrate etc
Session recording and playback
performance measu
Instant recording while performing live sessions without the need to introduce some other programming or program modules.

Just like in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which implies that the instructor and understudies are signed into the virtual learning condition in the meantime.

Edugyaan pioneered the use of internet-based, live 2-way HD classes which connected the best teachers with students across the country and eliminated the need for costly hardware-based video conferencing or VSAT (satellite based) equipments and networks.Technically, a virtual classroom is an online learning environment in which distance education is delivered face-to-face via the internet on technology devices. And, Edugyaan virtual classroom software is a technology tool, platform or medium that facilitates the delivery and consumption of your eLearning content within a virtual learning environment.

Value added features


  • Hand-Raises
  • Secure Transport
  • Multi layout options
  • Multiple browser support
  • Live text chat
  • Recording of Live Streaming
  • Screen sharing
  • Simple interface to start the session