Videos are accessible on smart phones without required of any app installation, can be viewed...
Edugyaan is a great tool for secure video streaming. Edugyaan secure video hosting solution allows you...
Video Watermarking which is an exceptionally well known and compelling method for copyright assurance of...
Administrator Dashboard,Descriptive and Diagnostic analytics,Customizable reports, track video wise usage, from where the user viewed
Easily create interactive learning experiences with Edugyaan virtual software with add-on tools
Edit your recorded videos online along with keeping original. Online video editor will ensure that...
Full HD video and audio with multiple bitrate,  streams at low bandwidth which is easily...
Integrate Edugyaan API with your LMS or Website and make your online classes available. We...
Enhance your reach to learners With our online Virtual Classroom Solution
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Encrypted Cloud Storage & Streaming

Edugyaan is a great tool for secure video streaming. Edugyaan secure video hosting solution allows you to password protect your videos, meaning that only authorized users can access your video, and cannot be allowed to download the video either.

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  • Can I get the analytics of videos and user activity details

    Yes, you can get analytics like when user started watching, which video and from where.You can find like dislikes to judge your expertise.Also, the count of views.

  • How should I set up my virtual classroom

    Courses are made up of series of video “in the cloud”.To set up, you need any camera and microphone with Computer/laptop and its peripherals. To connect with cloud, all you need is internet. It works on minimum bandwith.

  • What can I expect to be able to do in my virtual class

    You can teach in your normal style as you teach in traditional classroom by using chalk and board.You can speak normally or use public or private integrated Chat to communicate with the participants. You will be able to view the participanta video , share slides, desktop shares, and interactive whiteboard. You can ask questions, collect feedback of participants.

  • When recording are made available.

    Just after the session

  • Are course sessions recorded and available after class.

    Yes. All sessions are recorded and available for playback up to the choosen plan expires.

  • How it is different with Traditional Classroom

    Edugyaan Virtual Classroom is where students can attend a fully instructor-led, live class session completely online. Using Edugyaan virtual classroom platform, students attend sessions together in real-time online where in addition to hearing instructor sessions, they participate in group discussion, interactive exercises, and team work – just like in the “brick and mortar” classroom.

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