Blended Learning with Technology

We believe that learning should be available to access anywhere, at any time, and offers the learners the best possible experience.

Course Management

Course management is a feature for department,section, individual teachers to manage their content .This is used to create a bunch of co-related things like assignments, assessments, videos,e-books and its discussion

Online Assessment

Assessment are certainly be a tool for accountability, but also a ongoing process for learning.Online assessments can be given from anywhere at any time. It provides easy way to add question in quiz. Question type can be multiple choice, single choice, subjective, etc

Permission Management

Video access is based on assigned user permissions, and control over who accesses your content is always in your hands.You can assign the usage quota based on days and hours.

Multimedia Lectures

With minimal hardware/software , videos are recorded and delivered live to your desktop/laptop/mobile. Recorded videos are available to view later.It allows student to catch-up missed classes or review the classroom lectures

Event Management

Event management allows you to create/add event in calender to update users what will be your new plan and what are the upcoming events.

Live interaction with Audio/Video& chat

Clear your doubt with teacher through text chat or via a video chat. Also discuss the topic with your colleagues. Follow their topic using discussion forums.

Attendence Management

This system benefits teacher students to keep track on the on-going activities. It Saves time which is otherwise lost in handling hand written files.

Reports/Analytics Dashboard

Reporting system enables Institutions to do robust reporting to understand how their system is being used. It provides real time analysis .

User Interface

User friendly, easy to use interface with easy to access, understand.Every screen we designed is easier to use and understand.

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Virtual Classroom

Just like in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which means that the teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time.

Secure APIs to integarate in your LMS

Integrate Edugyaan API with your LMS or Website and make your online classes available. We provide API which uses secure token and check authentication and authorization

Learning & Content Management System

By Using LCMS of Edugyaan, you can engage your learners with activity. It is fully featured with teaching and learning platform to engage your students, trainees through online and blended features such as quizz , forums etc.

Attachments with courses

Upload and share the Docs , PDF along with video sessions to view with your users and participants without downloading. By easy reader, let them read online.

Online Video Editing for recorded Videos

Edit your recorded videos online along with keeping original. Online video editor will ensure that viewers see only your most polished videos.

Interactive WhiteBoard,Share PPT, Video with Board

Easily create interactive learning experiences with Edugyaan virtual software with add-on tools.


Edugyaan Virtual Classroom is where students can attend a fully instructor-led, live class session completely online. Using Edugyaan virtual classroom platform, students attend sessions together in real-time online where in addition to hearing instructor sessions, they participate in group discussion, interactive exercises, and team work – just like in the “brick and mortar” classroom.

Yes. All sessions are recorded and available for playback up to the choosen plan expires.
It gets available immediately after the live session gets complete.
You can teach in your normal style as you teach in traditional classroom by using chalk and board.You can speak normally or use public or private integrated Chat to communicate with the participants. You will be able to view the participanta video , share slides, desktop shares, and interactive whiteboard. You can ask questions, collect feedback of participants.
Courses are made up of series of video "in the cloud".To set up, you need any camera and microphone with Computer/laptop and its peripherals. To connect with cloud, all you need is internet. It works on minimum bandwith.
Yes, you can get analytics like when user started watching, which video and from where.You can find like dislikes to judge your expertise.Also, the count of views.

For Schools/Colleges

If you need a lot of flexibility and convenience, online courses are for you.Online courses increase classroom reach and can connect you to a global education.

For Institutes/Individual Teachers

Edugyaan provide the flexible way of teaching for individual teachers and for institutes with more wide range of features to make online tutoring easy.

For Corporates

With the help of Edugyaan, you can conduct online training programes for your employees, and marketing programs that are effective, efficient, and affordable.

New Era of Education

The ability to apply new knowledge, meet performance expectations and successfully manage others, are just some of the demands placed on today’s educators and administrators.

Old way to New way

Online schooling is a popular alternative to attending a brick-and-mortar colleges or institution.

Old way to New way

Students are seeking the opportunities for flexibility of scheduling and cost efficiency that online studies can offer.

FullTime Individual Learning

Sitting in the classroom is not the best way for every student to learn. A student may learn better at his own pace and in a different format than traditional schooling options offer.

Employee training and interactive learning

Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and productive if he is trained well.


Our teachers and students love the flexibility and simplicity of the system. The information provided in the dashboard and reports is excellent. The back end is easy to use and navigate

-Manish Kumar

We absolutely love the EduGyaan.It is saving us hours of time every day.It has simplified our teaching process. The EduGyaan is absolutely, amazing. It's so helpful. Between ease of use,the fact that all my teaching staff participate ,and the constant improvement in this product. I am in teaching love. You anticipate my needs before i even realize that there is a need.

-Prankur Thakur


The easy-to-use, flexible nature of Edugyaan allows for effortless application in any educational environment. No matter where learning happens, or for what purpose, We can streamline management, engage learners, and enhance communication internally and externally.

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Why EduGyaan ?

Edugyaan, its not just about ideas. Its about making ideas happen do it.New and easy way to learn. We act as a bridge between learner and educator.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you the tools and connections to engage students more efficiently and improve educational effectiveness .E-learning is changing.

In Market

  • Individual Teacher and Trainers
  • Colleges, Schools and Universities,Institutes
  • Corporates

What do they use it for?

  • Teach Live Online Classes
  • Create and manage Online Content Library
  • LMS with vast number of options to easily manage
  • Web based Test Series with each Courses