Edugyaan empowers teachers to record, alter, have, and distribute course content online without any hazzle.

The flipped classroom depicts an inversion of customary educating where Students access the video and course material before the class.  Content like recorded , existing recordings, Word archives, introductions, and other related materials.

The Benefits of Flipping Your Classroom

 1) Flipped learning keeps understudies more locked in: The flipped classroom show tends to how understudies learn best. We as a whole know how hard it can be to remain centered amid a long address, regardless of the possibility that it’s regarding a matter we’re particularly keen on. Dialogs and hands-on exercises tend to keep understudies’ advantage. While you work with understudies specifically as they investigate the ideas they’re learning in class, you can give quick criticism that causes them enhance their learning as they go.

2) Teachers give more customized consideration: Understudies don’t all learn at a similar pace and in a similar ways. That is dependably been an entangling factor in educating. The flipped classroom display gives instructors more chances to work straightforwardly with understudies. They can hence obviously observe when an individual understudy is experiencing difficulty with an idea and work with them straightforwardly to get past it.

3) Students can work at their own pace: An understudy sitting in an address, tirelessly taking notes will more likely than not miss one thing the educator says while recording another. That’s as yet an immense change over the understudy whose mind meanders so they don’t discover a lot of anything.

On the off chance that they’re viewing a video at home rather, they have the ability to stop the address while they record something, and rewind and re-watch a specific part they didn’t completely comprehend the first run through.