Flipped Classrooms

Edugyaan empowers teachers to record, alter, have, and distribute course content online without any hazzle.

how recording works virtual classroom

The advantage of Edugyaan’s delivery system is that it can deliver HD-quality videos even at very low bandwidths. It does not require any specific hardware or software at the delivery end. Any computer with modern browser and any Internet connection is good enough to view lectures and use other features of Edugyaan.

It is used to deliver media-rich distance education and training. The teacher may have students sitting in front of him for regular classes and the same lecture is delivered at the same time to the remote students as well.They might be sitting in secondary centres, or even in their homes or offices. During the live session, remote students can use audio/video and text chat for interacting with the teacher.

The Benefits of Flipping Your Classroom

 1) Strength of Flipped Classroom: The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students get access to the lecture video and course material before the class. Edugyaan provides a platform to record, edit, host, and publish course content. Content may include recorded lectures, live lectures, existing videos, pdf’s. For this Edugyaan has a full-fledged, web-based content management system, that lets you organize the videos into lectures and courses. It also lets you manage the users and configure access control. It has features like video editing, discussion forums,
assessments etc. which makes it a complete learning management system.

2) Teachers give more customized consideration:  Lectures are organized into courses. Users of the system are subscribed to the courses. Admin user can control who is subscribed to which course, he can assign viewing quota to the students, he can
control whether a student can watch the lectures in live mode, or on-demand mode, or both. Video streaming is secure against downloading.

3) Students can work at their own pace:  Knowing that they can watch recorded lectures later, also relieves them of the pressure of taking notes in the class. They can focus on learning and interacting with the teacher and peers in the classroom.

On the off chance that they’re viewing a video at home rather, they have the ability to stop the address while they record something, and rewind and re-watch a specific part they didn’t completely comprehend the first run through.