General Questions

It would be a good idea for you to invest in a dedicated platform for
education delivery. Worry Not! That is exactly what Edugyaan is
here for.

1. What about content security? Do I own it?

Yes, absolutely! You have complete control over your student and content data. We never market to your student. All your course contents like PDFs & videos are encrypted with the EduGyaan security algorithm.Even screenshots and screen recording is not allowed.

2. Can I record class with green board/whiteboard?

With the general-purpose tools, you may not have the freedom of teaching in your natural style. You may be expected to sit in front of a laptop or computer device and record your sessions. Edugyaan allows you to teach in the natural chalk-and-talk method.

3. How much time will it take to get started?

Onboarding with Edugyaan is hassle free, we will take only few minutes to build your online academy.

4. How secure is my content? Who can access it ?

Edugyaan uses efficient encryption methodologies to make sure that no illegal
party can tap into your course transmission. Not only that, no one [not even
registered students] can download the lectures. They can only view it online. To
prevent illegal distribution of your course content, we have embedded dynamic
watermarking in the videos.

5. Can I use my own domain name(Website)?

Absolutely! once you subscribe to EduGyaan, you can link your EduGyaan subdomain to your own domain name(Website).

Shopify & App's Related

Launch a beautiful course website and your own mobile as well desktop app.

1. What do you mean by white-labeled & branded app ?

Let’s say the name of your coaching institute is Learn It. You will get a separate app with your own institute name. The app will be available in Google Play Store under your own brand name and published on your own google account.No Edugyaan branding is done.

2. I don’t teach online but Can I use Edugyaan to sell on-demand courses or content ?

Yes, the app and website which is provided to you also comes with an online store. You can create your own courses and publish them on your own store. Under courses you can sell video content,  ebooks, test series.

3. How can I create my own Shopify website to sell courses online?

EduGyaan provides you the option to create your own Shopify website. This can be easily linked to your existing website (If any). You can add payment gateways to get the revenue directly in your own bank account. EduGyaan does not charge any Transaction Charge on any sold items.

4.How many pages can I create using Edugyaan website builder ?

Edugyaan offers you following pages that can be accessed by learners prior login

  1. Landing Page
  2. Unlimited Course Pages
  3. Signup Page
  4. Terms & Condition Pages
  5. Blogs
  6. Testimonials

5. What to do if I face any issues after getting my app and website?

We have a dedicated team to assist our clients. Once a query is generated, our dedicated client assist team will reach out to you immediately and get your issues fixed.Not only to you but we take care of your students also if they face any issue.Students issues are assisted only on client permission.

6. Can I take trial of App and Shopify?

Yes , you can .

For android mobile app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edugyaanapp

For Shopify Page: https://try.edugyaan.com/

Live Tutoring related questions

With our fullyautomated, easy-to-use, cloud based solution we provide you all the features
required for taking your course online without burdening you with too much
‘technical’ jargon and without creating a huge dent in your pocket

1. Does Edugyaan offer live video tutoring ?

Live-delivery of content is possible.Same class will get record on Edugyaan cloud servers as well gets record in local system also.

2. What is the maximum number of learners enrolled?

With Edugyaan there is no restriction on number of users. Client can add ‘n’ numbers of users.

3. What security features does Edugyaan offer ?

We provide multiple security features to protect your course content from piracy.

i. Username and password authentication for every learner.

ii. Single sign on restrict users to login multiple devices at a time.

iii. Encrypted course content streaming to learners so that actual course content cannot be downloaded even with hack methods.

iv. Dynamic watermarking on videos with username, timestamp, Ip-address.

v. Restriction on watch time , you can assign hours and days so that your content will not be misused.

4. Do there any delay while delivering live classes ?

Edugyaan provided a zero delay solution on all devices, so that your students should get a feel of classroom , students can ask there questions through chat or can do two-way interaction with teacher.

Other Questions

As an individual instructor it is important that you decide whether you want to scale
up your education business or not. If you’ve decided to do so - the easiest way to
achieve this is by using distance education delivery technology

1. Do I need to share profit percentage?

No, we provide you a No Revenue Sharing Platform. Why to worry about revenue sharing when you can keep it all. We care about your hard earned money that’s why we provide you a platform where only you have all the rights on your profit

2. Can I use Zoom to take classes ?

Yes you can take through zoom , benefit with Edugyaan is , we integrate zoom account with our LMS so that you don’t need to share link.Zoom session will be watched only by authenticate learners.

3. What are the pros and cons of taking classes with Edugyaan versus Zoom ?

We will ensure the content security of your videos , streaming on Edugyaan provides you the detailed analysis to track reports , your video gets record on good quality even at 250kbps. Same videos gets recorded which you can allow students to watch later. Zoom restrict number of users in session and timing also , but in Edugyaan there is no such limitation.

4. Can I use Edugyaan to record my class but not to go live ?

Yes, you can . Teacher pre record their content and sell it students as self paced courses. Edugyaan provides you a software in which your content will be recorded in high quality with 1mbps internet connection.

5. What in case if I face any issues while using Edugyaan ?

Our dedicated client assist team will reach out to you immediately and get your issues fixed

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