Lecture Capture

Cloud-based online teaching software for live and self-paced online learning delivery

A cutting edge end-to-end solution to automatically record complete classroom experience. The adaptive and secure videos can be consumed live or on-demand from web and mobile applications. The platform also enables students and professor for collaborative learning by sharing content. Enriched with advance search, analytics and secure video streaming.

Encrypted cloud storage
Provides encrypted cloud storage helpful to protect the contents, videos available on the portal and give access to your learners with full security of your content and videos
Not dependent on any other means and you can connect with your active learners and check their performance plus easily perform your live or record sessions wherever you want
Private/Public Text Chat
teacher performance
Provides you a chatting platform where you can interact with learners through chat publicly or privately as per your requirement.
Teach At your ease
cost effective
Deliver your lectures in your natural style with just like chalk and talk method at your own place plus without requiring any manual camera operators.
Access at your place
loggedin details
Give access to your learners of lectures anywhere anytime at lower internet bandwidth which runs smoothly using any device without any interrupting
Deliver Live Class
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Deliver online classes live by one instant click and make your video available on cloud storage and make it accessible to your learners.

How to teach online?

Moving a physical classroom online or breaking into e Learning requires a lot of groundwork. Besides identifying the skills you want to monetise and the subject you want to teach, the technology you choose to deliver learning plays a crucial role. You may think of teaching via Skype or Google Hangouts, but these are just video conferencing tools and miss on many aspects of teaching. To deliver a rich experience, you’d have to integrate other piecemeal tools without changing your natural style of teaching. Also, you cannot upload full-fledged courses on Skype.

Edugyaan virtual classroom software features that make moving online easy:

  1. Automatically record complete classroom experience
  2. Moderate sessions with hand raise feature
  3. Real time interaction with students through video conferencing, live chat
  4. Students and other audience can watch live lectures from anywhere
  5. Live session available on desktops, tablets, mobile devices etc.
  6. Adaptive and secure videos accessible from web and mobile applications
  7. Adaptive and secure video delivery solution

Advantages of Lecture Capture


  • Better availability
  • Increase engagement
  • e-content recording
  • Visual communication
  • Scalable
  • Teach at your ease
  • Instant Recording
  • Pay as you go