Our live secure video streaming provides option to deliver more engaging content to your learners

Livestream gives you a chance to grow the span of your establishment’s occasions, for example, graduations, introductions, addresses, new understudy introductions, and donning occasions. Understudies, guardians, and graduated class can watch on any gadget, including desktops, tablets, Smart phones.Deliver your video-based content however you like

Livestream gives you a chance to grow the range of your organization past the physical limits. Students can observe live addresses from home, or some other agreeable area and on any gadget including desktops, tablets or smart phones !

Key Features

Edugyaan uses a secure video streaming protocol  that encrypts your video files in real time, while the data is being transferred, preventing illegal downloads and securing your data from theft or piracy. Along with the option of whitelabling to track the user location.

  1. Communicate different streams
  2. Straightforward interface to begin session
  3. Multiple browser support
  4. Tablets and all Smart phones
  5. Secure Access
  6. Live Stream Automatic Recording
  7. Cloud based adaptable stage