Live Streaming

Our live secure video streaming provides option to deliver more engaging content to your learners

Edugyaan is a video creation, management and distribution platform, created especially for educational institutes.

Live Streaming involves making the recorded lectures available to the same students who attended the classes, even after the class. Students can, thus, catch up on missed classes, review the difficult concepts and revise the syllabus before exams. Knowing that they can watch recorded lectures later, also relieves them of the pressure of taking notes in the class. They can focus on learning and interacting with the teacher and peers in the classroom

HD video/audio streaming
Get your video streamed at HD quality on any device or gadgets with an option of playback speed.Deliver HD video quality at 200Kbps, which makes this available to all students who have a broadband connection.
Live Classroom environment
Delivers Full HD Quality sessions giving the students the feeling of being in a LIVE classroom session. The teacher writing on blackboard or white board with marker can be viewed in high quality at all the remote locations with sharpness of text written on whiteboard .
Inbuilt recording capability at no extra cost
teacher performance
The Inbuilt Video Recording capability with Edugyaan enables educational institutes to record the complete lectures and directly store on the computer instead of external expensive hardware based recording solutions which have limited recording capability.
Video Layouts
cost effective
Integrated 6 different layouts with video align feature which allow instructor or users to switchc beteen screens according to them
2-way Audio/Video
loggedin details
Allows instructor to create a environment where students can ask the question and teacher can answer them just like in physical clasroom to make lectures more interactive
Fully Encrypted Lectures
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The sessions are conducted securely, the unauthorized users cannot join the session, even if he/she get direct link. Further the videos are fully encrypted for high level security

Edugyaan allowed educational institutes to conduct live high quality video based classes over regular broadband connection to have dedicated equipment or satellite connectivity that is bringing down cost manifold.

Key Features

Edugyaan uses a secure video streaming protocol  that encrypts your video files in real time, while the data is being transferred, preventing illegal downloads and securing your data from theft or piracy. Along with the option of whitelabling to track the user location.

  1. Communicate different streams
  2. Straightforward interface to begin session
  3. Multiple browser support
  4. Tablets and all Smart phones
  5. Secure Access
  6. Live Stream Automatic Recording
  7. Cloud based adaptable stage