Test Prep

With a comprehensive online learning delivery platform Edugyaan, it is easier, flexible and cost-efficient to take traditional classroom online.

Virtual Instructor LED- teaching

Good quality audio videos transmission for coaching on the web in live classes

Self-paced learning

Adaptable e-learning courses for course which they can watch at their own learning speed. By advance options in player and smooth playing, students can complete their studies

Boundless limit

Teach “n” number of users/centers, no limitation on users. No restriction on studios. Record for any hours and create unlimited courses and bundles

Screen sharing

Share any external content without uploading during live session, just share your screen and show ppt’s, pdf, words,video hassle free

Quiz And Assessments

Alternative to make many sorts of Quiz with online Quiz maker, easy to create and manage. Advance filters,optins and bulk import options makes your task easy.

Reports and Analytics

Strong analytics provided on videos and courses differ us from any other platform, calculate your usage for which you have made the payment.

Committing to the extra cost of hiring more tutors, finding additional teaching space to rent or even just timetabling in more classes can be difficult.Tutoring online can give you more reach with a lower cost of expansion.  Listed below are the advantages of tutoring and teaching test-prep courses with an integrated and comprehensive online teaching software:

Move online – Increase your learner base at a lower cost

Scalable: When investing in the future of a business, it’s important to do so with flexibility in mind. Where the business is now might not be where it is in five years time. The great thing about using a learning management system with an integrated virtual classroom is that there is scope to scale offerings up or down when required.

Accessible: A virtual classroom is accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet or smartphone. It doesn’t matter about where each potential student is based geographically or even whether they are suffering from health or mobility issues. Everyone will be able to log in as and when they choose

Have Enhanced Playback Repeatability: This allows for immediate dissemination and reuse of collaborative materials. Faster dissemination of knowledge allows learning to be applied when timely and pertinent, saving both time and money.

Designed For Interactive Engagement: Tools built with collaboration and high engagement in mind allow customized learning tools specific to the material being taught, further increasing engagement, increasing knowledge retention and allowing more immediate application of learning while fostering increased peer interaction. Increased engagement is directly tied to increased performance.

Offer Comprehensive Feedback Measurements: Enter, an abundance of tools all designed to provide educators clear and immediate feedback on the levels of engagement. Closing the feedback loop allows real-time tailoring of teaching to ensure high levels of engagement, which are directly tied to performance.

Take your tutoring business online with Edugyaan

As the world is shrinking and networking is becoming stronger than ever, we are observing a constant rise of the online world. We provides much smoother, faster, cheaper, and convenient platform for taking your courses online.

Edugyaan heps you to take your teaching and tutoring business online with low investments and quick returns , few key features are :

  • Flexible and Convenient
  • Personalized Learning
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Cost Effective
  • Data security
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Screen Sharing
  • 2-way interaction