Distance Learning

Providing stunning classes to students from around the world in real time


Edugyaan separate learning programming enables instructive foundations to convey whenever anyplace yet comprehensive and cooperative figuring out how to Students situated crosswise over topographies.


Advantages of taking your separation training programs on the web

  1. Separation is never again an obstruction to a comprehensive learning background with remove instruction programming like Edugyaan. Or maybe it works to support you and lessens the grounds stack while enabling you to give associated yet moderate figuring out how to remote understudies.
  2. Taking your separation training programs online offers a few unmistakable and elusive advantages.
  3. Edugyaan gives you everything to make an online course at one place.
  4. Trim down the time and cost of development to pick up economies of scale.
  5. Dispatch boundless separation learning courses on the web.
  6. Pick up an upper hand by riding the rush of innovative change.
  7. Have brought together control over decentralized direction and learning.
  8. Bring locally available the master staff from over the globe.
  9. Plan face to face mediations to break the tedium coming about because of self-think about.
  10. Move separate learning on the web effortlessly
  11. Offer an all encompassing and drawing in learning background even outside the physical grounds.


Outfitted with all required separation learning instruments, Edugyaan provides an option you move online with the slightest setup time, cost and IT framework.


  • Empowering you to convey your first session inside minutes.
  • Help to dispatch boundless courses, select boundless clients and convey boundless live classes.
  • Incorporated cloud storage dispenses with the bother of porting learning material, empowering teachers and students to get to it anyplace.
  • The portable prepared stage causes you take into account versatile local and moving gathering of people.

Give community oriented figuring out how to far off students

  • Take out the separation from remove learning and influence them to feel more associated even from a separation.
  • Utilize virtual classroom to add live part to separate, self-managed courses.
  • Take to talk gatherings to answer understudies’ inquiries and to urge them to examine and help different understudies.
  • Direct online courses, meetings and master talks from a similar stage to give removed students the extra chances to interface with others.
  • Lead live virtual visits to school grounds for remote understudies.