Convey live classes, gatherings, online courses, and meetings to understudies anyplace, whenever!


Just like in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which implies that the instructor and understudies are signed into the virtual learning condition in the meantime.

An online classroom incorporates more communication tools, such as chat, open discussion boards,multimedia content and social media.Technically, a virtual classroom is an online learning environment in which distance education is delivered face-to-face via the internet on technology devices. And, Edugyaan virtual classroom software is a technology tool, platform or medium that facilitates the delivery and consumption of your eLearning content within a virtual learning environment.

Value added features


  • Hand-Raises
  • Secure Transport
  • Multi layout options
  • Multiple browser support
  • Live text chat
  • Recording of Live Streaming
  • Screen sharing
  • Simple interface to start the session